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Timuri Western Afghanistan

Timuri Two of the earliest known Timuri carpets were published in Andrei Bogulyubov’s „Carpets of Central Asia“ published in 1908 and Hartley Clark’s “Bokhara, Turkoman & Afghan Rugs“ published in 1922. Bogulyubov’s carpet was referred to as Timuri from the Herat area and Hartley Clark’s carpet was described as from Adraskant in Western Afghanistan and specifically dated to the 18th century.

This superb example from the 19th century has a fabulous array of colours – deep indigo blue, sky blue, turquoise, aubergine, corroded brown, madder red, highlights of ivory and a tiny amount of yellow. The flat-woven skirts are intact although were possibly longer when first made. The four large archaic lozenges on either side of the six “snowflake” – motifs in the central field contain typical Timuri “trees”. The whole carpet gives a feeling of immense power and is a magnificent testament to the much under-appreciated work of the Timuri.

Property of: Brian MacDonald, North Cotswolds
Size: 292 x 208 cm
Age: 19th century
Condition: excellent