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Kuba East Caucasus

Kuba This unusual Kuba reveals the knotter’s vivid imagination and attention to detail in the design. The main border shows a rather realistic rendering of a flowering vine, while the centre field impresses with its geometric arrangement and design. White contour lines cover the ground like tiles and forms hexagons. Smaller hexagons with a highly formalised tree of life motif are imbedded within the design.

This Kuba combines a strict geometric design with a floral depiction and is thus an outstanding example of how appealing combining opposite elements can be. The rug was purchased from Schürmann in the late-1970s and was part of a private collection until last year. It was published in U. Schürmann‚ “Teppiche aus dem Orient” (Rugs and Carpets from the Orient), p. 173

Property of: Lerch Teppich Exklusiv, Munich
Size: 100 x 118 cm
Age: mid-19th century
Condition: excellent