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Tülü Central Anatolia

Tülü In many rug-knotting cultures, long-pile rugs mimic the warming effect of animal hides. The Tülü is the Anatolian version of a warming rug. Only loose, long-fibre wool, which might not even be spun, is inserted into the basic weave with several wefts between each row. Insulating air pockets form between the individual rows of pile.

This rare Tülü depicts a bright red, three-tiered mihrab and schematically arranged yellow and red tree of life motifs. The high degree of abstraction in the floral and architectural motifs and their exciting arrangement on a midnight blue ground make this rug look like a modern devotional painting.

Property of: Herbert Bieler, Vienna
Size: 117 x 126 cm
Age: late 19th century
Condition: Sewn onto a linen backing