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Beni Mguild central Middle Atlas

Beni Mguild Tazerbit is the regional name for multicoloured rugs from the central Middle Atlas, which were very carefully produced with an extraordinary amount of effort. As a result, they were considered a type of “prestige rug” with richly detailed patterns, unlike the simple, often unicoloured, sleeping rugs that were used as everyday objects.

Typical characteristics for Beni Mguild rugs are the brownish-violet ground colour, a significantly high percentage of dark indigo blue in old pieces made before 1950, and a design that looks like an enlarged geometric-abstract design from the region’s flat-weaves. These rare rugs were used at regional festivals or family celebrations and were usually placed pile down on a straw mat. As a result, in some comparatively old pieces the pile might be in good condition while the back reveals noticeably shiny patina from use. In 1991, Wilfried Stanzer mentioned in “Berber” that pieces with a striking central divider bar could especially be found in the sub-group of Ait Abdi rugs.

The low-cut, relief-like design is done in the style of the neighbouring Zaytan, breaking through the artistic abrash surface in a soft, surprising, playful, yet ever-precise way. This creates the seemingly three-dimensional depth, which additionally accentuates and dramatically exaggerates the voluminous body of the rug. The piece is one of the oldest of its kind.

Property of: Gebhart Blazek, Graz
Size: 300 x 190 cm
Age: approx. 1920/30
Condition: very good
Basic weave: wool
Warp: wool